An informative Tumblr post about the importance of serving customers exactly what they order.

Tumblr Thread On Importance Of Serving Customers What They Order

It can be life-threatening.
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Teacher tries to confiscate diabetes pump | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/Sugar_Daddy24 20 hours ago Phone? Sorry, just my diabetes pump. oc M Just found this sub! This story dates back my senior year high school (2013 My school quite small had graduating class 92 so everyone knew everyone. All teachers were amazing and very involved our academic lives, but most part had nothing but good intentions. Unfortunately there 1 teacher, our English AP teacher, who just an absolute jerk. She type

Teacher Thinks Diabetes Pump is Phone, Tries to Confiscate It

The ol' swticheroo.
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satisfying hospital revenge diabetes mean medical win - 8989189

Karen Tries To Withhold Benefits From Diabetic Man, Gets Scolded By Her Area Director

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tumblr rant about staff messing with peoples order out of spite

Tumblr Goes into Gory Details of Why You Shouldn't Change a Customer's Order

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doctors and nurses talk about stupid patients

15 Healthcare Professionals Share The Dumbest Things They've Had To Explain To Patients

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Oreo Doughnut Holes, Because You Need the Diabetes and You Need it NOW

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Managing Diabetes Starts With Cake

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easter design diabetes chocolate food - 69723905

We're Going to Need a Bigger Easter Bunny for Chocolate Eggs Like These

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KFC's Next Food Monstrosity is an Edible Cookie and Chocolate Coffee Cup

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I Never Knew How Badly I Needed These in My Life

food diabetes doughnuts waffles - 8421285888
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Take a Look. That's a Fritter. Stuffed into a Custard Doughnut. Covered in Chocolate.

doughnuts diabetes diabeetus food - 8400586752
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Philadelphia's PYT Burger Joint Has Unleashed a Macaroni and Cheese Bacon Doughnut. Be Afraid.

diabetes oh god why food g rated win - 8383388160
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No Relation. Honest.

diabetes juxtaposition diabeetus food - 8381767680
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Wilford Brimley Would be Disappointed in Your Spelling

diabetes chocolate diabeetus wilford brimley - 8379873024
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You Can Taste the Sweet, Greasy Irony

diabetes McDonald's irony fast food fail nation g rated - 8371454720
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That Sound You Just Heard Was Diabetes Happening

donuts diabetes dessert food - 8363342080
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