'Is this written for a fish?': Guy bakes weird 93-year-old water pie recipe

'Is this written for a fish?': Guy bakes weird 93-year-old water pie recipe

This Thanksgiving, one creator has the perfect recipe for people who are cooking on a budget. Video creator B. Dylan Hollis has a specialty of baking very old recipes, specifically ones from the Great Depression era.
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Free pumpkin pies for everyone!!

'What am I supposed to do with all these pies?': Horrible manager gives unclear baking instructions, now everyone takes home free pies

Sometimes, malicious compliance can have delicious results.
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bee, bee swarm, bees, swarm of bees, street food, thai, thailand, exotic, travel, fail, viral, food poisoning, food, food fail, foodie

Not the Bees!! Street Food in Bangkok is Swarmed With Bees, But Still Looks Delicious Enough to Catch a Flight to Thailand Instead of Catching Food Poisoning

Bee suit is not included in the price of a plane ticket
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ice cream taste tester finds the ultimate flavor

Ice Cream Taste Tester Finds A 10

What a gig.
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restaurant fails, pretentious, wtf food

25+ Times Restaurants Tried Too Hard and Ended Up Pretentious as Hell

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waiters share awkward dates they have seen

15 Waiters and Waitresses Share The Most Awkward Dates They've Ever Seen

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cover image of a stone that looks like food, a frog that looks like ice cream

25 Things That Look Like Delicious Foods but Aren't

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forbidden snacks inedible things that look tasty

25+ Scrumptious Looking Items That Are Not Cool to Eat

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cake FAIL expectations vs reality hot dogs pools dessert food burger king funny - 5632517

10 Times Expectations Got Chokeslammed by Reality

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Girl gets in a ridiculously petty argument with Moonpie dessert company.

Girl Gets In Pettiest Twitter Battle Of 2017 With Moonpie

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christmas parenting dessert food - 84090369

Surprisingly, Kids Try and Didn't Hate Christmas Desserts From the Past 100 Years

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The Rice Krispie Mos Eisley

dessert funny star wars nerdgasm - 7899470336
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Ice Cream Shop Dishes out Horrifying Dessert Made with Hair

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She's a Hunk of Junk, but You Won't Find a Better Pie

star wars nerdgasm pie dessert food millennium falcon - 8393415936
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That Sound You Just Heard Was Diabetes Happening

donuts diabetes dessert food - 8363342080
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Your Zombie Halloween Party Needs This

cake halloween dessert food - 8363307776
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