Viral doctor exposes an unethical dentist and people on the internet share their own horror stories of unethical doctors

"Patients should always trust their gut instincts': Doctor calls out an unethical scamming dentist, internet explodes with similar situations

“I believed my new dentist and 2 years later I have five crowns, two root canals—I have more pain NOW than before.”
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A humorous Tumblr post about an unforgettable polymath who ended up working as a dentist.

Guy's Dentist Happens To Know Everything, Might Be Real Life Superhero

Dr. Z already sounds like a movie character.
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Tumblr thread about the funny things a person's dentist has said | filledwiththislight Things my dentist has actually said Well, either x-rays lied or are spontaneously creating teeth going with second one because 's way cooler."

Tumblr Thread: Cool Dentist Who Doesn't Give A Heck

If only all dentists could be this honest.
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Comedian mistakenly invited to conference for dentists won't stop sending them pitch ideas as a joke.

Comedian Mistakenly Invited To Speak At Conference For Dentists, Won't Stop Sending Them Proposals

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excited memory drugs dentist family remember funny - 97662209

Guy on Drugs Is How We Wish We Could Wake up in the Morning

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sketchy place mentioned on Tumblr that is like the x files

Tumblr Thread About Sketchy Place In California Sounds Like An X-Files Episode

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cringey pics of things you want to avoid

13 Images To Surprise You With Uncomfortable Levels Of Nope

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FAILS life dentist tattoos social media - 5063941

17 Hilarious Crash and Burn Life Fails

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weird compliments people have received

25 of the Weirdest Compliments People Have Received

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jimmy kimmel dentist Video win - 82353153

Casey Wilson Went to the Dentist and Jimmy Kimmel Got a Shout Out Afterwards

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Whatever You Say, Mr. Dentist

dentist failbook facebook - 8967753472
Created by mikefedor

Casually Attending a Beyonce Concert Directly After a Dental Surgery, NBD

twitter win Beyonce fan goes to concert directly after getting wisdom teeth removed
Via @chelseyb27
dentist siblings trolling zombie Video win - 79433473

The Perfect Opportunity to Convince Your Little Sister of Zombie Apocalypse is After the Dentist

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Nothing Creepy or Off-putting About This...

FAIL dentist creepy signs - 8755667200
Created by tamaleknight
drugs FAIL dentist Video - 78371329

After Getting a Few Wisdom Teeth Removed, This Girl Thinks She's Kylie Jenner

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drugs dentist head duct tape Video - 78173441

After a Trip to the Dentist, This Guy is Keeping a Roll of Tape Close By For a *High*-ly Logical Reason

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