Entitled Stranger Reconnects after Years Cause He Needs a Tow

We think that our run-ins with entitled strangers are one-off events. You'd have plenty reason to believe a guy who tried low-balling you for an Xbox Kinect in 2017 was just a passing stranger in the night. Lo and behold, we have the return of a complete stranger. This time he got an even colder shoulder. Seriously, these folks need to leave and take their attitudes with them.

A Choosing Beggar from 3 years prior needs a tow truck because his car broke down | No. Thats too low. Its hardly used. They are $100 new 75 So much would be willing $50? Been trying find one my friend can do $65 Okay let talk her and see she says Alright Thanks | My car broke down and im just trying get home dont think asking someone tried low ball an xbox kinect 3 years ago is answer lol good luck don't think 3:19 AM Just saying Idk are looking here
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