Delusional Buyers And Sellers Fresh Out Of Sense

Ah, yes, the weird world of buying and selling secondhand items. Take for instance, that video game that looks like it was Glad wrapped. Not exactly what someone has in mind when they think they're buying a new and unopened video game. People are bound to slap prices, and sometimes insane ones, on just about anything they can find lying around the house. That broken pencil, or rock you just pulled out of your shoe, or beard trimmings? Maybe it's worth a couple hundred bucks if you're willing to shed rationality and all common sense. 

A collection of delusional moments between various individuals on Craigslist | video game 1/1 Grand Theft Auto V PS3 Wrapped Up never used $80 | Are still selling 30 inch TV No, sorry sold few days ago @decentbirthday about $200 already sold Sorry $250 literally do not have Then don't waste my time
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