Absurd School Bureaucrat Needs Copy of Degree She Issues

Bureaucracy can be a mind-numbing puzzle of forms to fill out and cranky people to deal with. Sometimes you get a real treasure of a human being who absolutely hates what they do, and dealing with them is pulling teeth. Here's one of those times. For another school themed story, here's Karen and Karen Jr getting outed for trying to cheat the school system.

Bureaucrat at school needs a copy made of a degree she issues | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/forshuregirl 5 hours ago So need certified copy my bachelor degree just issued? No problemo oc M So, this is little one, but still fullfilled with satisfaction. During my last semester my bachelor degree already applied masters degree at same university. So go through normal application process and get accepted (yay but as didn't have my bachelor degree at point had produce certified copy my degree
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