Tumblr users argue over a picture of a bread knife using lawyer language | phoenix wright ace attorney whitebeltwriter: dual-destininies: derples: dual-destininies: tf2-fandomstuck: tiniestshorts: Bread knife french have grown more powerful. Hold ! photo of a hand holding bread and a red circle

Tumblr Has Lawyer-style Debate over Legitimacy of Bread Knife

Why should anything be simple?
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dominos debate cringe social media ridiculous Video tiktok - 2194950

TikTokers' Infinite Domino's Pizza Hack Sparks Backlash

Broke college kids can get pretty inventive.
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Tumblr users have Phoenix Wright debate over placement of comic books in meme

Tumblr Has Lawyer-Style Debate Over Legitimacy of Meme

It is a meaningful use of time.
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cracked movie review worst thing about the matrix

The Worst Part Of Living In "The Matrix"

It'd be a bit of a bummer.
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debate interesting vegan - 103032065

Vegan And Meat Eater Square Off In Debate

Pleasantly surprised over this.
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Tumblr thread addresses why you don't bring orangutan up at Edgar Allen Poe literature debates | winchysteria have told this story yet? idk but 's good Orangutan Story: my american lit professor went this poe conference. like be clear this is man who has doctorate being book nerd. he reads moby dick his four-year-old son. and poe is one cornerstones american literature, right, so this should be right up his alley? wrong. apparently poe scholars are like, advanced. there is branch edgar allen poe

Tumblr Thread: Raging Nerds And An Orangutan

Orangutans and Poe conferences don't mix well.
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Twitter users debate whether Captain America or Optimus Prime was more inspirational | Idris Elbow @YalIAlILuvCris Who gave best speeches? Redd Herring @ReddHerring_ Replying YallAl|LuvCris Prime had ready slap box my Pontiac just case sleeper cell.

Twitter Debate: Captain America Or Optimus Prime As Most Inspirational

They're both amazing.
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People on Twitter debate whether The Muppets or Sesame Street would win in a street fight | Jared Cardenas @JarOfCards Replying kacilouwho11 Sesame Street's only hope is Count, calmly approaching carnage things look bleakest and saying Stand back, children. And love God, shield eyes before unleashing an unspeakable barrage unholy dark magic has not been witnessed centuries.

Twitter Debate: The Muppets Vs. Sesame Street In Street Fight

Just our kind of shenanigans.
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Viral video of a passenger punching another passenger's reclining seat divides people on Twitter | tweet by Nash Fung @nashfung Replying MarinaMarraco and @fox5dc frequent flyer, IMO seat reclines= end discussion. Whoever sits there has every right use any and every feature comes with seat s so controversial about. bald man in glasses punches seat in front of him while the woman in it films him.

Video Of Passenger Punching Woman's Reclining Seat Divides Internet

An unfortunate situation for everyone involved.
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Twitter thread on debate party idea | tweet by christineexists my friends routinely have bracket nights where pick 16 something tonight types chairs argue about them until crown winner

Twitter Thread on Random Brackets Is a Really Good Idea

If you need a conversation starter, here you go.
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A collection of Twitter users debate which seat is the best option when taking the subway | tweet by gplatinum_ All my New Yorkers, which is best seat?

Twitter Users Debate The Best Seat On The Subway

It is time to crown the winner.
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Various Twitter users debate about what the proper way to eat a chicken wing is | See this is why stay house because people really be eating wing like 1 and 2

Chicken Wing Debate Tears Twitter Apart

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arguing twitter debate social media ridiculous toast food funny - 8553221

Twitter Users Are Arguing Over The Correct Way To Make Toast

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twitter debate finance social media ridiculous billionaire money - 7661829

Twitter Debates Whether Billionaires Have Ever Worked Harder Than People Who Clean Toilets

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Donald Trump patton oswalt

Patton Oswalt Stops Himself Mid-Twitter-Spar With A Trump Supporter To Pull A Bro Move

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Internet breaks out in passionate debate about how to correctly apply toothpaste.

Internet's In Passionate Debate Over How To Properly Apply Toothpaste

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