entitled people with selfish demands

Entitled People With Their Particular, Absurd And Unreasonable Demands

Good luck with that.
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entitled people and their absurd, stupid demands | 2008 Yaris S Sedan $4,000 l'l give 950 right now. No questions asked. Take or leave Every second wait on this offer drop price by $50 ball Is court 9:50 p.m. Haha! So offer is already at zero? Sent 9:53 p.m. No still 950 Take or leave 9:54 p.m. Nope only had 20 seconds respond, shoot. Guess missed out.

Entitled People With Their Audacious Demands

Some expert negotiating going on here.
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aggressive guy tries to bully seller into selling laptop for 200

Aggressive Jerk Tries To Lowball For Laptop, Gets Nothing

It takes all kinds, or something.
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low baller wants guitar neck changed but doesn't want to pay for it

Low Baller Wants Guitar Built, Doesn't Understand Why That Should Cost Money

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entitled people and their ridiculous demands

Entitled People Who Had The Sheer Audacity

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lowballer doesn't get art, loses deposit

Lowballer Won't Pay For Completed Work, Artist Isn't Having It

Great strategy, dude.
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buyer misses pickup time and mouse gets sold

Buyer No-Shows Pickup Time, Flabbergasted It's Sold

What is there to expect?
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Lowballer on craigslist tries to insult seller's intelligence and fails

Seller Won't Fall For BS, Lowballer Gets Weirdly Classist About It

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unhinged guy tries to buy expensive tv for cheap, flips out

Unhinged Lowballer Has Meltdown, Brags About IQ, Stays Mad

So there's people like this?
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Entitled mom wants free seashells but can't get them so she freaks out | 'l leave them out now bag on doorstep, take them whenever. Shoot. Darn s about 40 minutes away don't suppose there's anyway could meet half way don't really leave area here as 8 months pregnant and with COVID going on. But if ever area just let know and if they're still available l'll leave them out

Entitled Mom Loses It Over Free Seashells

"I want them, so bring them to me."
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entitled people with big demands | Nextdoor KAREN Kelly Spotted 2 kids selling lemonade at stand without license. Looked anywhere between 7- 10 confronted these kids, and they told they did not have license. Both had brown hair. Parents, check with kids make sure are not compromising our local safety. |giuten-free-pussy know fact told this story on here be- fore but l'll never get over time working retail and cashing out some lady so asked "cash, debit or credit are paying, ma'am And she said

Entitled People and Their Goofy Demands

It never stops.
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Buyer wants to test drive car at 170 miles per hour | 2002 Porsche 911 Carrera 22,900 Owosso, MI Mark as Sold Mark as Paid Darrell bring cash with and want hit Express way and if dose over 170 got deal..sounds good? Darrell This Saturday works anytime Darrell like car want make sure will do over 170 l'm street racer.

Delusional Buyer Wants to Test Drive Car at 170 MPH

That's gonna be a no, boss.
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Weird, stupid and funny stuff people posted for sale online | $1,500 Gold coin sale least want is 1500 Fort Worth, TX | Single Person Couch $25 facebook marketplace online shopping

Weird Stuff People Tried to Sell Online

Want a limited edition pickle or defunct McDonald's Playplace?
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ridiculous entitled people and their demands | Hi Just wanted let know loved cleaning last week and wondering if could come back every month Also wondering if could give us discount next time saw refilling water bottle our sink seems not big deal but our water bill is high specially with our new pool looking forward seeing again! Thank

Entitled Folks and Their Frustrating Demands

It must feel freeing to have no shame.
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entitled people and their ridiculous demands | LG microwave FREE Ottawa Is this still available? Address please Yes am Aylmer Garry Ok can't go there just microwave unless pay 25 gas don't even know respond Unreal

Entitled People and Their Foolish Demands

"Hey buddy I'll take that free microwave off your hands if you pay me."
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Funny cheap guy wants to pay for 25 dollar grill in multiple payments | about $30 everything s little more helpful Let's meet middle 18 middle is fine 25 final Ok 's fair deal can make payments? yep. 1 payment, at pickup. No thinking give 10 pick up then 15 more two weeks

Absurd Buyer Wants to Buy $25 Grill in Installments

Interesting plan.
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