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Twitter Users Share The Strangest Things They've Seen Dates Do

There's gotta be a better way.
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Dudes Share The Red Flag Moments That Made Them Walk Out On Dates

Getting to know someone can be tricky. You never know if they're gonna seem cool for a while and then hit you with a “oh yeah my husband is getting out of prison today and boy he's angry.” Luckily, these people were very up front with their personality faults and communicated the up front. Doesn't it make things so much more efficient when people let their true selves shine? Here are some more first date moments that made people go “screw this I'm out.”
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Moments That People Realized They Shouldn't Have Gone On A Date

"Yes, it is me, mister doctor, the professional doctor man."
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23 Of The Worst Dates People Went On

It happens to the best of us.
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Cringeworthy stories of times it was clear a girl wasn't interested | docju 44.0k points 1 day ago 2 (F2 e 5 More Asked girl if she wanted grab lunch together some time. She said she busy day which interesting as never specified day.

Awkward Ways Dudes Realized Girls Weren't Interested

Well, that's hard to forget.
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17 Servers Share The Most Awkward First Dates They've Seen

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10 Bar Staff and Regulars Tell Times Men had to Get Away from Dangerous Dates

In recent years there's been a campaign to make bars less predatory by employing coded language, like asking your bartender for an “angel shot” to indicate that you might need help from the staff to get out of anything from simply a bad date to a potentially really dangerous situation. The idea is generally thought of as a tool for creeped-out women to get away from men, but occasionally the reverse will happen. Redditors on the community r/AskReddit had a large-scale discussion about those rev…
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29 Regretful People Share Their Cringe-Tastic Worst First Dates

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15 Cringey Things People Did In Their First Relationship

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10 Creeped-Out Women Share Stories Of Their Disastrous Dates With "Nice Guys"

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Girls Share The Things Guys Did to Screw Up Their Chances at a Second Date

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I'm Kind of a Foodie

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Throws Arm Out

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Who Should Really Pay on the First Date? This Guy Seems to Have It Figured Out

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Somebody Wants Grandkids!

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Someone Doesn't Get a Lot of Dates

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