woman gets operable cancer diagnosis, friends shave heads, turns out she doesn't need chemo

Woman Gets Cancer Diagnosis, Friends Shave Heads In Solidarity, Turns Out She Doesn't Need Chemo

Those are good friends.
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people share their dirty secrets

Strangers Share Their Dirty, Shameful And Juicy Little Secrets

Everyone has something.
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terrible horrible wtf facts disturbing creepy dark awful - 16170501

Creepy Facts To Help Keep Everyone Up At Night

If anyone needed a reason to lie silently in bed with their eyes open, consider “the heat death of the universe” or “Victorian Brits ate all the mummies” as decent insomnia fodder. The universe we live in is plagued with injustice, cruelty and gross realities, but hey, some of them are kind of cool to know. So here's some stuff to alienate your family at dinner. Here are some more freaky facts to feel weird about.
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Signs that seem extra scary | Beware Monkey Attack | STOP BE AWARE OVERHEAD MOLTEN IRON

Overly Ominous and Uniquely Spooky Signs

Danger comes in a wide variety of flavors.
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Tumblr thread investigates disappearance of Lyman, John's old roommate in Garfield | List Did hear Something happened kitchen! Chooalate Covered Denits Sown Coc BOnuts Bhueberny Muffins Chocolate Chip Muffins l ChaMe Donts popular 90s Garfield flash game Garfield's Spooky Scavenger Hunt which can find Lyman chained up basement as hidden eastern egg. He begs Garfield give him some muffins eat, then disappears after leave room and come back. Garfield Lore is pretty messed up dig around. mousathe14

Tumblr Thread: The Creepy Disappearance of Jon's Roommate in Garfield

They could have just dropped it but no.
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Tumblr thread about a story about a suburban family and their "fun pizza" | nostalchik: darecrow: Imagine going party and white suburban stay at home mom with two overachiever kids and white dad who barbeques but doesn't know barbeque and yet is always surrounded by other white Dads who compliment his barbqeuing even though they're just store bought preshaped frozen patties Ralph's or Food 4 Less and while he's cooking those white mom comes out and says "okay kids, here's some pizza And she pull

Tumblr Thread: The Uniquely Depressing "Fun Pizza" Saga

It's way too specific.
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Stories of sad and wholesome ape sign language from tumblr | Even more interestingly, after Washoe and Loulis bonded, she started teaching him American Sign Language same way human parents teach their children only took Loulis days to learn his first Washoe. and aside the seven that his human handlers learned around him. he learned to speak in ASL just as

Tumblr Thread on Ape Sign Language Is a Feels Trip

You learn something new every day.
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Strange, messed up and dark moments from kids tv shows | LifeIsBizarre 7.6k points 17 hours ago Henry tank engine bricked up inside an abandoned tunnel having anxiety while Ringo Star mocked him.

Kinda Messed Up Crap On Kids TV Shows

Looking back, some of it seems a little off.
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Tumblr user tells story of dangers of deregulation with radium girls |  bogleech Do also need fucking talk about Radium Girls again who slowly fucking rotted alive because company they worked deliberately hid knowledge radium's effects on living matter? feynites gonna talk about s depressing and dark as hell, but if anyone ever thinks themselves companies will just regulate out sense civic duty or basic human morality, and don't need outside enforcement

Tumblr User Rants about Dangers of Deregulation

This one is pretty sad.
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A strange and dark Public Service Announcement featuring Cats the Musical made in the 80s.

"Cats" Driving PSA from the 80s is Freaky and Vividly Dark

A lot of strange choices were made.
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Twitter story of a guy's dad trying to spread ashes on a windy day | tweet by mitchfel hardest ever laughed my entire life few years ago at my grandma's ashes scattering ceremony Thread:

Dude's Sad And Hilarious Story Of Ash Spreading Gone Wrong

You sort of have to go where the wind takes you.
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Fresh cursed images that reflect the darkest parts of our world.

11 Cursed Images Possessing Toxic Levels Of Nope

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askreddit, drama, family, sad, emotional, death

17 AskReddit Users Share The Things They Don't Talk About In Their Family

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cursed images such as a melted teletubby doll

18 Scary Cursed Images That are Just Weird and Awful

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comments trolling askreddit dad jumper cables stories dark Reddit funny stupid - 8938245

Recurring Moments from Troll Legend Rogersimon10 and His Dad's Jumper Cables

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dude has dad's ashes made into a brick, comment section reacts

Guy Unsure What To Do With Dad Ash Brick, Comments Section Gets Morbidly Hilarious

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