Wordsmiths That Lit People Up Online

Oh yeah, we've got a fresh collection of fiery banter and insults from the online world's most tenacious wordsmiths. Some people take it upon themselves to deliver all kinds of reality checks, witty insults, etc, to others in the online world that seem to be in need of a quick wakeup. Never underestimate the power of the written word. These folks definitely got humbled. 

A collection of times that people got destroyed by the power of words. | grumpythebarbarian Tyron @TyronWilson are not slytherin are 32 2019-06-12, 7:06 AM E ms-demeanor character Harry potter is 36. People who are 32 were exact age range match Harry as books were being published, they probably grew up with and probably important them if they're still talking about their Hogwarts house. Being an adult doesn't have be joyless slog work and taxes allowed continue enjoying childhood interests, and
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