A crazy Tumblr post about how a pilot ends up surviving an absolutely catastrophic malfunction on a plane.

Pilot's Window Breaks, Copilot Goes Full Superhero Mode

Talk about a genuine emotional rollercoaster.
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funny work safety memes

Workplace Safety Memes For The Responsible Coworkers Out There

Stay safe, friends.
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stories of dumb ways people almost died

26 Stupid Ways People Almost Died

Well there's a new kind of nightmare.
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A wild Twitter thread about how driving in Europe can be an adrenaline-charged spectacle.

Twitter Thread: European Driving Can Be An Adrenaline-Charged Spectacle

Yeah, no thanks.
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A collection of times that people made ridiculously risky decisions.

15 Dauntingly Dumb, Dangerous, And Bizarre Automobile Fails

Seriously no idea what they could've been thinking.
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explosion wtf officer eggs lol dangerous weird Video microwave - 107454721

Microwaved Egg Proves Why It Shan't Be Played With

And that's the way of the egg.
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freaky close calls and dodged bullets

Freaky Times People Dodged Life-Ruining Bullets

It's chaos out there, man.
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crazy surprising dangerous train Video - 107425281

Woman Narrowly Avoids Getting Hit By Train

Way, way too close.
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A collection of memorable construction fails that are filled with dangerous activity.

Construction Fails That Are Stuffed With Dangerous Activity

So many questions at once.
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An apartment manager makes a tenant's life miserable, so the tenant helps the apartment manager lose half the neighborhood's income.

Apartment Manager Makes Tenant's Life Miserable, Tenant Helps Them Lose Half Of Neighborhood's Income

Serves them right.
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crazy surprising climbing awesome ridiculous dangerous Video win - 107366145

Free Solo Climber Politely Passes Dude

Hard nope to the whole situation.
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creepy and terrifying signs

Terrifying Signs That Mean Serious Business

It's better to know than to find out.
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A dude unknowingly exacerbates their allergic reaction, ends up in the ER, and then gets proper diagnosis.

Dude Unknowingly Exacerbates Allergic Reaction, Ends Up In The ER

That could've been a whole lot worse.
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A collection of times that dudes ended up engaging in remarkably questionable decisions.

Dudes That Engaged In Remarkably Questionable Decisions

No idea what they were thinking.
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surprisingly dangerous things

Various Things That Can Be Surprisingly Dangerous

What a lovely world we live in.
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humor FAIL construction ridiculous dangerous funny Video - 107314177

Pipeline Operator Displays Remarkably Poor Skills

This ain't it, man.
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