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Watch Britain's Cruelest Father of the Bride Pull off the Perfect Wedding Prank

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A Solid Tindr Defense is Well-Timed Dad Jokes

funny dating image girl uses dad jokes to respond to forward tindr messages
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Not Now, Dad

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This Dad's Care Package Game Has Got the Dorm Rooms Crunchin

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Presidential Dad Jokes

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Hello Dad

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How to Make Your Girlfriend Go Blind

image dating dad jokes How to Make Your Girlfriend Go Blind
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Breakfast With Dad

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Jimmy Fallon Got Help from Twitter to Collect the Best #DadQuotes

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Dad Joke Litigation

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Get It? Brown-E!

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Dad Jokes Are a Path to the Dark Side

han solo dad jokes turned kylo ren to the dark side
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Proof That Single-Mom's Can Do it All

funny twitter image mom joke at it's best
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You Should Try This Dad Joke on Every Toddler

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It Doesn't Matter How Far in the Future We Go, We Won't Ever Let a Chance for a Punny Joke Go Past

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