cute dogs

Cute dogs are the (WOOF WOOF) embodiment of everything that is (WOOF WOOF) good in this world, and also a method of purging (WOOOOFF WOOOFF) the bad. 


Tumblr Thread: Dog Masters The Art Of Herding A Roomba

This dog is doing a whole lot better than our buddy who unsuccessfully tried to herd some sheep. That being said, give a dog enough time and environmental stimuli, and it's bound to try and herd something. Check out some more gold from Tumblr with these odds and ends from the brilliant minds of Tumblr.

Dog masters the art of herding a Roomba | gallusrostromegalus So one my neighbors has lawn Roomba or whatever they're called, and this thing trundles around looking like background robot background original trilogy, and ABSOLUTELY BAFFLING DOGS. They have concluded think s some kind prey animal because right after this video ended they decided crouch down and stalk which means 90% sure going have stop Arwen eating at some point.
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