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'My boss puts applesauce on his pizza': 20+ Pizzas that should never have been baked

'My boss puts applesauce on his pizza': 20+ Crispy, crunchy crimes against pizza

If you thought pineapple on pizza was bad, you ain't seen nothing yet.
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What food do you swear people only pretend to like?

'Green Jello with carrots (and sometimes raisins)': 30 Odd foods that are an 'acquired taste'

An entire generation was raised to believe that if you put an item in Jello, you can call it a salad. I have no idea how those kids made it through some of these extra creative gelatinous meals. Below, one person asked people to share the foods they think people are totally lying about enjoying. It's a matter of culture, and the food you grew up eating is usually what you're inclined to like best. However, foods that were very smelly seem universally disliked (durian came up numerous times, as…
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food memes cursed food cursed images meme food funny - 17983237

20+ Incredibly Cursed Foods That Should Be Banned From Existance

There are some creations that people out there thought were brilliant when they came up with them that really shouldn't have come into existence at all. In fact, we should ban these people from even further participating in society. Items that make this list include the “peeing Calvin sticker" and “tow-hitch testicles,” both of which are worshipped and frequently used by a certain particular demographic. Other things that I'd put on this list include subscription services for things that should…
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funny weird and cursed food memes

Humorous and Heinous Food Memes To Pack That Gullet

Already seen enough today.
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weird, strange and horrible cursed foods

Cursed Foods That Deserve a Restraining Order from The World's Mouths

Thanks, I hate it.
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dietician reviews thanksgiving flavored candy corn in twitter thread

Twitter Thread: Dietician Reviews Terrible Candy Corn

It looks like eating a bag of old teeth.
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A collection of the grossest wedding foods that people have ever seen.

The Worst Wedding Foods People Have Ever Seen

Domino's is an interesting play.
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gross and bad cursed food

Cursed Foods Straight From The Jowls Of Heck

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customer service gross cursed food olive garden ridiculous Video tiktok - 2686726

TikToker Finds Bug Floating In Cursed Soup

Please, please, no.
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wtf cursed food images

Viscerally Cursed Foods That Don't Belong In a Gullet

Oh no.
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A quick list of TikTok videos that show off gross sink recipes.

TikToker's "Sink Recipes" Are A Cursed Mess

Some things shouldn't exist.
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horrible cursed gray food

Cursed Foods Of The Grayest Pallor

Food doesn't deserve to be gray.
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A wildly corroded can of Chef Boyardee from 1995 gets opened | Dinosaur Dracula Opening wildly corroded can Spider-Man Pasta 1995 thread 1/5 DinosaurDracula New! Chef BOYARDEE PRESENTS MCS PIDER MAN NTA SHAPES ATBALLS OMATO

Twitter Thread: Opening A Wildly Corroded Can Of Chef Boyardee

It's cursed.
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A collection of cursed pizza creations that the world frowns upon.

Guilty Pizzas That Committed Inexcusable Crimes

These pizzas are seriously out of line.
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A Twitter thread showing off some of the world's grossest caffeinated drinks.

Unforgivable, Outright Unpleasant Coffee Drinks

What were they thinking.
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horrible gross looking cursed food | hot dogs covered in mashed potatoes and wrapped in melted cheese | green meatloaf tower decorated with chunks of chicken

Cursed Foods That are Uncomfortable to Look At

Smells like college.
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