precariously balanced cups |  wint @dril 3h user named beavis_sinatra has been terrorizing since 2004, by sending pictures cups are too close edge table 17 1,514 3,837 @beavis_sinatra @dril

Twitter User Harasses with Precariously Balanced Cups

Oh, the horror!
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restaurant fails and bad food

25 Ridiculous Times Restaurants Failed at Presentation

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design fails

18 Oafish Design Fails That Could've Gone Better

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christmas cups Starbucks Video - 75763713

The Guy Who Started the Starbucks Christmas Cup Controversy Goes On TV and Gets Totally Shut Down by a Guy Who Looks Like He's Having a Great Time

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cups a cappella McDonald's Video - 75150849

This Talented Guy Can Bring the McDrop

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The Cup Manufacturing Process Has Been Streamlined

cups McDonald's there I fixed it - 7843069184
By Unknown

Beer Pong of the Rising Sun

beer pong table with japanese flag
Via Yamasakipan

Why Can't I Hold All These...Wait, I Can!

monday thru friday cups restaurant - 8409783552
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A Long Game Ahead of You

beer cups beer pong funny - 8270585088
Via Jimothy Dullton

What Sorcery Is This?

beer cups wtf - 8134223360
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Biggest Beer Pong Ever

wtf cups beer pong funny - 8132782080
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Coffee is Even Better With Cups Like These

cups art design nerdgasm coffee - 8042705920
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Something Seems Wrong Here

cups funny green jerks red after 12 - 8017200896
By Unknown
live cups mashup Music win g rated - 57019905

Not Enough Live Mashups Take Advantage of the Cups Phenomenon

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Sounds Logitech-al to Me...

speakers cups there I fixed it - 7892203776
By Unknown

Choose Your Weapon

drinks cups funny - 7806440192
By Unknown
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