Twitter discussed Swedish people not feeding guests

The Internet Found Out Some Swedish People Don't Feed Guests and Twitter Had A Day About It

Really puts the Swedish Chef into perspective.
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stories of American culture shock when visiting Europe

Americans Share Culture Shocks They Experienced When Visiting Europe

It's a different place.
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aita tattoos Reddit culture - 16732421

Insane Tattoo Artist Brands Client With Their Initials, Can't Believe Client Is Upset

It's hard to imagine literally branding another human being and thinking that is ok but that is exactly what happened when this riled client made an unfortunate choice in a tattoo artist. This story was posted to Reddit's r/AmItheAsshole subreddit by u/TattoodNoobAITA (OP), the tattooed individual in question. The tattoo was to be a sentimental ‘heirloom’ type of piece as it was a tattoo that had been received by three generations of the men in OP's family. So it was essential that the piece lo…
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disproportionate amount of hate things received

People And Things That Got A Disproportionate Amount Of Hate

Retrospect is an interesting thing.
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aita marriage drama relationships Reddit culture internet culture - 16552453

Internet Supports Husband Telling His Wife She Should Get a Nose Job

The most surprising outcome of the week.
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the internets internet mildlyinteresting social media Reddit culture - 16530181

Internet Bewildered Over "Metric Minutes" Listed on Viral Oatmeal Label

Internet users are bewildered over this oatmeal cooking label that was posted to Reddit on the r/mildlyinteresting subreddit. Reddit, the popular social news aggregation site, offers various subsections where different types of content and topics can be posted and discussed amongst users. Through “upvoting” or “downvoting” a post, the users can contribute to the overall rating of content which determines how posts appear on the feed. If a post garners a high number, or percentage, of upvotes wi…
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Americans describe their biggest culture shocks when visiting Europe. | Witness-Worldly 5h Trains glorious, glorious trains.

Americans' Biggest Culture Shocks When Visiting Europe

All those glorious trains.
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A collection of tweets about how Irish people are totally ruthless when it comes to fashion.

Irish People Are Ruthless Fashion Critics (21 Tweets)

They're heartless.
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Girl claims to speak Swedish, guy talks to girl in Swedish, girl gets outed for making it up.

Girl Claims To Speak Swedish, Guy Talks To Girl In Swedish, Girl Gets Outed For Lying

Honesty is really the best policy.
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A funny Tumblr post about a hilariously misunderstood, good natured dude named Vinny.

Tumblr Thread: The Tragically Misunderstood Nice Guy Named Vinny

Poor Vinny is just trying to do good by the world.
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Non-Americans describe the weirdest things that Americans ever said to them.

Weirdest Things Americans Said To Non-Americans

America's a strange land.
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surprising interesting Video culture tiktok - 2419206

Romanian Guy Accidentally Learns To Speak Perfect English, Explains How

Seems like a fun way to "learn" a language.
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A collection of entertaining tweets from the infamous Scottish Twitter.

Funny, Bizarre, And Irreverent Gems From Scottish Twitter

Love us some Scottish Twitter.
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Cultures collide over unfair grading scales in a fun Tumblr thread | songofages never understood why 's an F if he gets more than half out 100? Unless 's more than 100. If get more than half answers right is an F aint-even-bovvered must not be America. Here, grading is fucked up.

Tumblr Thread: Cultures Collide Over Unfair Grading Scales

Poor Bart.
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Twitter thread about what every state is famous for according to a British person

Twitter Thread: What Every State Is Famous For, According to a Brit

It's important to be humbled every once in a while.
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A Tumblr thread where cultures collide over the ways of measuring time and space | E penroseparticle My favorite thing is Europe is spooky because 's old and America is spooky because 's big meduseld difference between America and England is Americans think 100 years is long time, while English think 100 miles is long way Earle Hitchner burntcopper fave mine always american tales where people freaked out because 'someone died this house' and all europeans would go .Yes would be

Tumblr Thread: Cultures Collide Over Ways To Measure Time And Space

A very serious matter, indeed.
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