The Sidwalk for Derps

crosswalk genius funny - 7634854656
By Unknown

Take Advantage of Every Chance to Troll

crosswalk monday thru friday manhole trolling - 8417050112
Via Acid Cow
dancing what crosswalk Video - 67058689

Waiting at the Crosswalk? This Guy Has the Right Idea.

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It's the Perfect Crosswalk if You have a Zombie Limp

whoops you had one job crosswalk - 8350212352
Via Acid Cow

Let's Get This Job Nailed Down

crosswalk monday thru friday road work - 8224709632
Via Izismile

Close Enough

monday thru friday road work crosswalk there I fixed it - 8219294464
Via Acid Cow

The Area Has Been Secured

crosswalk there I fixed it - 7897683712
By tcse10

Now Follows the Actual Path of Pedestrians?

crosswalk there I fixed it - 7875155968
By roadykin

Just a Little Bit to the Right...

Street Art graffiti hacked irl crosswalk funny - 7833544448
Via OakOak

Crosswalk WIN

lgbtq design hacked irl crosswalk rainbow - 7702206976
Via Reddit

Spotted in the Wild!

crosswalk hacked irl sign warning - 7014558208
By Unknown

I Feel Like We're Just Going in Circles Here

crosswalk paint road marker road paint road signs - 6602071296
By Unknown

Hacked IRL: I Love You Too!

crosswalk hacked irl metal stop sign - 6568893696
Via Reddit
crosswalk elderly Random Acts Of Kindness street Video - 39903489

Helping Grandma WIN

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Stopping Traffic WIN

bus chewbacca crosswalk darth vader nerdgasm star wars - 6370139904
By Unknown
concrete crosswalk road street Video - 37849345

Tools of the Trade

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