loyalty crocodile lol funny Video animals - 107075073

Crocodile Comes Over When Called

"Wow sir, your dog is so sharp."
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nature crocodile scary surprising intense Video - 106765313

Man Feeds Massive Wild River Croc Like It's His Pet

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crocodile dangerous intense Video - 99085313

Feeding A 1 Tonne Crocodile Named Tripod

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Someone's Plotting A Mean Revenge

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FAIL fish fishing crocodile funny ridiculous Video - 96383489

Crocodile Charges Shocked Fisherman And Steals His Fish

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crocodile scary alligator Death prank Video - 409606

Troll Scares People To Death With Remote Alligator Prank

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crocodile FAIL creepy funny Video - 382470

Scary Crocodile Tries And Hilariously Fails to Climb Waterfall

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crocodile giant animals - 83540225

Animal of the Day: Behold! Terrifying 17ft Long Crocodile Found in Sri Lanka

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crocodile australia win flood protection - 82841089

Maybe Watching This Badass Woman Intimidate a Crocodile with Her Flip Flop Will Inspire You to Confront That One Lunch-Stealing Coworker

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crocodile instagram Damn Nature U Scary Video win - 74262017

Damn Nature, You Scary: This Crocodile Can Stand on it's Tail, Time to Move to Mars

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crocodile golf BAMF Video - 70269441

This Golfer is Way too Calm About a Crocodile Attack

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Be Careful Around the Guy With His Hand in an Animal's Mouth

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No. Just No.

crocodile poorly dressed - 8416968960
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crocodile oh god why Video - 63677697

Whelp, Time to Never Go in the Water Again

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A Man in India Found a Little Guest During His Morning Shower

crocodile Probably bad News animals fail nation g rated - 8274031872
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An Unholy Hybrid

crocodile shoes poorly dressed g rated - 8225624320
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