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Lyft Driver Tries To Extort Customer For Phone, They're Not Having It

This Lyft customer forgot their phone in the car. It happens,. You'd think that it would be a pretty easy issue to resolve, but that's where things got complicated. In a situation where it could have cost nothing to do the right thing, this guy decided to lie his way into a phone hostage situation. And this person wasn't going to let it happen. For some more scammers not getting what they want, here's the scammer who pretended to be a CEO and then got trolled like mad.
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Karen Dings Dude's Car Door, Tries To Flee The Scene, Gets Recorded

Oh that's just a plain old nasty move there, Karen.
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A caller tries to get tech support to help them commit tax fraud, and fails miserably.

Caller Tries To Get Tech Support To Help Commit Tax Fraud, Fails Miserably

What a goof.
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landlord housing criminal tenant ridiculous Video tiktok - 2722310

Landlord Allegedly Won't Return Tenant's Deposit, Tenant Busts Out Jackhammer

Actual lunatic behavior.
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Man tries to stiff IT employee on payment and ends up being served a mechanics lien.

Man Tries To Stiff IT Employee On Payment, Gets Served Mechanics Lien

Serves Tony right.
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An apartment manager makes a tenant's life miserable, so the tenant helps the apartment manager lose half the neighborhood's income.

Apartment Manager Makes Tenant's Life Miserable, Tenant Helps Them Lose Half Of Neighborhood's Income

Serves them right.
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Game dev takes pro revenge on moody lawyer.

Game Dev Takes Pro Revenge On Rude Lawyer

Oh boy, to have seen that lawyer's face.
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Couple demands a refund on an absolutely terrible laser engraving.

Business Gives Couple Demonically Bad Laser Engraving, Couple Wants Refund, Business Gets Taken To Court

That engraving was legit cursed.
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Neighbor tells a grandpa to mind his own business, and it almost ends up costing him part of his yard and a car.

Neighbor Tells Gramps To Mind His Own Business, Costs Him Most Of His Yard And Car

Neighbor got exactly what he asked for.
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Process servers describe their most bizarre scenarios while serving people.

Process Servers' Most Bizarre Scenarios Serving People

Process servers see it all.
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A collection of the most elaborate scams that people ever ended up falling for.

The Most Elaborate Scams People Fell For

These scammers need to give it a rest.
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tumblr thread about eating at mob restaurants

Tumblr Thread: Eating Good Meals At Crime Fronts

The secret ingredient is crime.
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Landlord attempts to backtrack on a deal, doesn't return security deposit, and then karma comes around to collect.

Landlord Tries To Backtrack On Deal, Doesn't Return Deposit, Karma Comes To Collect

Karma always comes back around.
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criminal family Video comedian dramatic - 106932481

Dane Cook's Crazy Story About Sending Brother To Prison

Honestly, Dane's brother put himself in prison.
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Wife Throws Her Husband Under The Bus In Court

Yes, dear.
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Dude accidentally takes pro revenge on a shady landlord.

Tenant Rents Fake Apartment, Accidentally Takes Pro Revenge

Masterful work.
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