A Twitter thread about a dad's disastrous crickets delivery experience | Christopher Ingraham O @_cingraham So shipment crickets lizard arrived via FedEx today my first time ordering bulk crickets off internet, and naively assumed they would be like bag or some other contraption facilitate easy transfer another container. They were not.

Twitter Thread: Dad's Crickets Delivery Erupts Into Disaster

Chaos has arrived.
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A Panicked Husband's FedEx Delivery Fail Results In A Wild Cricket Invasion

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Frog Won't Do What He's Toad

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This Cricket Player's Mid-Interview Flirting Game is Shamelessly Smooth

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A Cricket Fan Risked His Body to Make This Amazing Catch

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Amazingly Lucky Cricket Catch Made by a Bangladeshi Fielder

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You Could Say That Some People Are Disappointed in the English Cricket Team

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Cricket Doesn't Make Any Sense, but Playing it on Water is Pretty Cool at Least!

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Gif of the Day: One of the Best Cricket Plays Ever

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