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person sends hundreds of faxes because they won't respond

Company Says They're Not Getting Documents, Recieves Hundreds

Gotta love horrible bureaucracy.
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Man mistakes his credit card for a gift card and then an expensive fail ensues.

Man Mistakes Credit Card For Gift Card, Expensive Fail Ensues

Oh man, that's a tough day.
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bad and dumb money advice people got | kor_hookmaster 32.9k points 19 hours ago One my uncles once told never really had pay my phone bill. He suggested simply jump another carrier and let first company cut off. His life has turned out exactly as imagine.

The Dumbest Financial Advice People Have Gotten

Don't do this.
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Twitter FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

31 Twitter FAILs From the Morons of Social Media

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Personal Finance 101

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Debit or Credit?

credit card gifs clever - 8408644864
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Make Up Your Mind

monday thru friday credit card contradiction - 8293030912
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Great Tip

monday thru friday credit card tip jar - 8245140480
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Guess How Many Steam Game Purchases Came From This Post

bad idea credit card facepalm identity theft - 8220709120
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credit card shut up and take my money Video - 56281601

Too Good to be True: The Coin Card Will Let You Ditch All Other Plastic

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Failbook: How to Win Easy Money and Make the World a Better Place at the Same Time

credit card failbook faith g rated money religion scam Westboro Baptist Church - 6455614464
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New Single-Serving Twitter Account Attempts to Publicly Shame People Who Post Their Debit Cards Online

credit card debit card twitter - 6393767680
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Credit Card WIN

bank credit card futurama meme shut up and take my money - 6346163200
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Monday Thru Friday: He's in Our Banks Now!

banks credit card g rated monday thru friday - 6279833344
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Shut Up and Take My Magnetized Plastic!

credit card fry futurama shut up and take my money - 6213321984
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Failbook: Today I Learned That My Thigh Is Spider-Man

credit card lost - 6200119552
By Steve Fame
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