Tumblr Thread on Mythical Creatures Is An Eye Opener

You might end up thinking unicorns existed too if you were a medieval scribe trying to translate second hand knowledge. Tumblr offers some creative, humorous, and off the wall discussion on a variety of eclectic topics, like Funny and Unexpected History Threads or the domestication of cats. You can never be sure of what bored people will do with their time, but luckily Tumblr pops out some gems.

Funny Tumblr thread on the reality of some mythical creatures | -book--creatures Honestly biggest disappointment had researching ABC medieval authors did not fact, see creatures they were describing and were trying their best describe them with their limited knowledge while going fuck fuck Za-book--creatures Instead all those creatures know came about transcription and translation errors copying Greco-Roman sources (who themselves got them travelers' tales Persia and India rhino unicorn, tiger?
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