funny creative mailboxes

25 Creative Mailboxes That Would Look Good Stuffed With Bills

Duhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh nuhnuh, Mailman
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funny DIY creations

DIY Creations That Went Off The Rails

It's uh... good?
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weird taste amazing creations

Impressive Creations of Weird Taste

That's... cool?
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Weird and stupid DIY crafts and projects | soft cupboard utensils and plates stuffed in the slits in a block of foam | Upcyled Caterpillar Tailcoat sewed gloves trailing behind a long coat

Absurd and Potentially Horrible DIY Projects

Well, it's definitely unique.
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30 homework fail images | thumbnail true false incorrect markings, thumbnail right "jesus is always the answer, not to this question" homework fail

Creative Delinquents Attempt To Do Homework, A For Effort (And Only For Effort)

Don't quote us, kids
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An informative Tumblr thread breaks down the proper care for monsters in the world. | headspace-hotel Follow Common misconceptions surrounding care monsters Contrary popular belief is NOT normal Cerberus's heads fight with one another; this indicates anxiety or lack proper enrichment.

Educational Tumblr Post On Proper Monster Care

It's as if Hagrid himself wrote this.
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Funny Tumblr post about how people in historical clothing get mistaken for ghosts.

Tumblr Thread: People In Historical Clothing Get Mistaken For Ghosts

A solid prank idea.
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Absurd Dungeons and Dragons expoits

Stupid Items Dungeons and Dragons Players Exploited To Their Limits

The real weapon is creativity.
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funny tumblr gems

Resplendent Tumblr Gems of Random Hilarity

Shiny, too.
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A wild Tumblr thread about nature going beast mode.

Tumblr Story: Nature Goes Beast Mode, Fights Off Alien Invasion

Those dang cicadas, man.
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A quirky Tumblr post suggest that many humans have minor magical powers that are overlooked.

A Quirky Tumblr Post On Mundane Magic Amongst Humans

There's magic in the air, folks.
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A creative Tumblr post about a very generous god.

Tumblr Post: The God Of Humble Beauty

So many feels.
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impressive creations of not good taste

Artful Creations of Dubious Taste

Quality is subjective, sort of.
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funny wtf clown meat tumblr dream

Tumblr Thread: Being The Purveyor of Fine, Succulent Clown Meats

You know, fun.
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funny detailed answer to snail question

Absurd Snail Question Prompts Fabulously Detailed Answer

Not bad.
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skillfully made and strange creations

Impressive Works of Highly Questionable Taste

Everyone has their thing.
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