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'Tesla self-driving software is the worst I've ever seen': Autopilot Tesla's are Absolutely Demolishing Child-Sized Mannequins

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wtf whoops accident cars crash mistake - 107825921

Driving Student Son Flips Car At Remarkably Low Speed

Maybe none of us should feel so bad for scuffing some paint off of our parent's cars in high school. So pat yourself on the back everyone, for not overturning your dad's car at two miles an hour. And if you have done this, maybe feel a little bad about yourself.
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Helicopter crash landing goes safety and successfully

Hog Hunters Have Safe, Almost Nonchalant Helicopter Crash

That went better than it could've.
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Manatee bumping into glass set to car crash sound.

Sweet Manatee Crash

Like an accordion made of sea cow.
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golf cart smashes glass doors video

Golf Cart Goes Wild, Smashes Doors

Happens to the best of us.
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Driver is safe after dragster crash

Driver Walks Away After Car Snaps In Half

That's gotta be jarring.
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lucky car crash avoids dude on motorcycle

Seriously Lucky Dude Avoids Bad Crash

Coulda been worse.
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Two ships collide in ontario canal

Head-On Ship Collision is a Slow Motion Failure

That'll buff right out.
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millionaire crashes expensive car and tries to run away

Millionaire Totals Supercar and Tries to Drive Away

Cool, man.
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FAIL accident cars car accident dumb laughing crash Video stupid - 100819713

Guy Totals Car Attempting a Donut, Tries to Laugh It Off

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Guy crashes truck into gas station and removes license plates.

Idiot Crashes Truck Into Gas Station And Removes Plates On Camera

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fail gifs, painful fails, brutal fails,

15 Brutal Fails That Left a Mark

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WoW wtf injury cars car accident uplifting amazing guy truck crash bucket lucky - 7990277

Incredibly Lucky Dude Survives Insane Crash with Just Scratches

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Kids are Dumb

17 Times Parents Realized Their Kids Were Dumb as Rocks

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spiders pics bad sucks images jet disaster landslide fire cars ruined magnets spill dumb idiots bad luck crash laptop - 6990597

19 Times the Universe Made Sure People Had a Bad Day

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This is a lot to process.

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