Tumblr Thread About Craftspeople Identifying Things Archaeologists Couldn't

Life has looked pretty similar for a lot of human history, and when it comes to making things, some stuff hardly ever changes. It makes sense that people who still use tools all the time would have a better understanding of what ancient tools were used for. Tumblr users often put an extra perspective on prehistory and historical stuff, like this thread about depicting prehistoric people as cool dudes or this thread that makes history fun.

Tumblr thread about craftspeople identifying archaeological finds | systlin Something find incredibly cool is they've found neandertal bone tools made polished rib bones, and they couldn't figure out they were life them. Until course, they showed traditional leatherworker and she took one look at and said "Oh yeah sure 's leather burnisher use close pores leather and work oil into hide make waterproof. Mine looks just same Wait still using exact same fucking thing 50,000 years later
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