impressive creations of not good taste

Artful Creations of Dubious Taste

Quality is subjective, sort of.
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Weird and stupid DIY crafts and projects | soft cupboard utensils and plates stuffed in the slits in a block of foam | Upcyled Caterpillar Tailcoat sewed gloves trailing behind a long coat

Absurd and Potentially Horrible DIY Projects

Well, it's definitely unique.
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Video of craftsman showing how to cut string using friction.

Craftsman Shows How to Cut String Using Manly Friction

I want this guy to be my dad.
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Tumblr thread about craftspeople identifying archaeological finds | systlin Something find incredibly cool is they've found neandertal bone tools made polished rib bones, and they couldn't figure out they were life them. Until course, they showed traditional leatherworker and she took one look at and said "Oh yeah sure 's leather burnisher use close pores leather and work oil into hide make waterproof. Mine looks just same Wait still using exact same fucking thing 50,000 years later

Tumblr Thread About Craftspeople Identifying Things Archaeologists Couldn't

People have been making stuff forever so it makes sense.
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unreasonable customer asks for refund

Insane Customer Demands Refund for Her Own Vase She Ruined

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wtf design fails

22 Ridiculous Design Fails That'll Make You Wonder If They Even Tried

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pop up cute crafts high school Video college dating - 561412

This Crafty Boyfriend's Cute Craft Will Make You Pop-Up Your Gift Game Too

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Mad Max crafts - 71693825

Pump Up Your War Boys and Burn Your Enemies With This Awesome Flame-Throwing Ukelele

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TMNT realistic awesome crafts - 70540545

Michael Bay Needs To Take a Lesson From These Realistic Ninja Turtles

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Unique and Beautiful Snowflake WIN

snowflake Game of Thrones nerdgasm crafts - 6938848768
Via Neatorama

Sonic Beads WIN

art beads crafts nerdgasm pixel art sega sonic - 5802235648
Via synbios16

Knitting Store WIN

business clever crafts knitting name nerdgasm sewing - 5701894656
By Unknown

LOL Just Playing With My K'nex

crafts flash drive toys USB - 5091999232
By Unknown

QR Knitting WIN

crafts DIY knitting nerdgasm - 5042325248
By Unknown

Button Art WIN

art buttons crafts push the button - 5001723904
By Unknown

As If Work Weren't Enough Like Pac-Man

crafts pac man window - 4352867840
By xcharlie
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