cracked doctor doolittle commentary cinema funny Video - 106840321

That Time A Famous Explorer Bombed Dr. Doolittle

Pretty dang fascinating.
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power rangers humor cracked childhood growing up Video - 106773761

4 Traumatizing Ways Hollywood Portrays Growing Up

Seriously, come on Hollywood.
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humor cracked video games Super Mario bros mario Video - 106735617

4 Real Super Mario Adventures Nintendo Doesn't Want Anybody Knowing About

And now we know.
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humor cracked disney star wars commentary ridiculous funny Video - 106630913

4 Star Wars “Legends” Too Hot For Disney+"

Oh boy.
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humor cracked commentary ridiculous funny Video - 106583809

5 (Secretly) Depressing Famous Movies

Sometimes the sadness is kept in secret.
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cracked Zack Snyder justice league superheroes Video - 106539009

4 Early Drafts of Justice League Members Too Wild For Even Zack Snyder

Now that's saying something.
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humor cracked comics commentary funny Video superman - 106414849

4 Superman & Lois Lane Romance Storylines Too Offensive For The CW

Oh boy, here we go.
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humor cracked movies commentary hollywood cinema Video - 106363137

4 Dumb Ways Hollywood Misunderstands Teenagers

Sometimes Hollywood really misses the mark.
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Scarlet Witch Marvel superhero Wanda Maximoff WandaVision Cracked video

4 Scarlet Witch Storylines Too Insane For WandaVision

Just too far out there.
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Your Brain On Cracked movie couples that are gross Anakin and Padme Star Wars

4 Film Couples That Are Gross If You Think About It

Spot on.
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Cracked video about John Wick Keanu Reeves movie

John Wick: Great Assassin, Or Just Great Friend

A necessary study.
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your brain on cracked masculinity in movies

4 Dumb Ways Modern Movies Portray Masculinity

Hollywood does some silly stuff.
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your brain on cracked movie analysis

Movie Universes That Are Much Stranger Than We Realize

Whole lot of weirdness going on in those movie universes.
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low budget remaking the dune trailer cracked movies

Cracked Recreates "Dune" With $20, Hilarity Ensues

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unexpected sociopaths evil characters in movies your brain on cracked santa clause elf x-men bruce almighty

4 Secret Sociopaths Hiding In Your Favorite Movies

Hiding in plain sight.
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cracked video about the math behind the Tim Allen Santa Claus movie

Math Proves That Santa's Life Is Terrible

Maybe Santa wanted out.
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