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Crab Memes To Make The Most Out Of Carcinisation

One day we will all return to crab.
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25 crab themed memes | thumbnail left cowboy crab meme "Before you scroll away, here is todd the cowboy crab my name is todd hello i like hats i am the coolest cowboy crab ever" thumbnail right crab eating onion ring meme youtube theme "pet crab eating onion ring 1.2M views · 4 years ago joojoobii · 2 years ago j Sometimes when I'm eating alone I turn this on and pretend I'm eating with him "

A Hefty Heap Of Crab Themed Memes For Those Having A Crabby Day

Claws for days
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coconut wtf golf australia crabs Damn Nature U Scary coconut crab weird - 107800065

Big Ol' Coconut Crab Has Run-In With Australian Golfers, Snips Club

For anyone who hasn't seen a coconut crab before, they're a bit of a sideways-walking nightmare. They like to walk on land and eat coconuts, which basically means they can find you anywhere and pinch super hard. These golfers met a particularly stubborn coconut crab who seemed really interested in a set of clubs, and they found out just how hard it can pinch.
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customer service crabs UPS ridiculous Video - 107059457

Crab Blocks Entrance, Accepts UPS Delivery

5-star rating for this little homie.
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video of Australian TV host getting pinched by crab as he screams

Crab Pinches The Dickens Out Of Australian TV Host

He made it very clear that it hurt.
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Video of crabs escaping all over baggage carousel at airport.

Crab Spill at Baggage Claim

Wherever they came from, there sure are a lot.
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strange awesome crabs silly funny weird Video - 100668161

Crab Voiceover is Weirdly On Point

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A quick Tumblr post on coconuts turns scary when coconut crabs get involved, because they are monstrously huge.

Innocent Tumblr Post About Coconuts Turns Scary With Coconut Crabs

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fun fashion denim star wars crabs cars hello kitty creation food funny - 6405381

25 Creations That Scream "Why Would Anyone Make That"

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dogs list pizza gifs crabs critters Cats - 647685

Happy National Pizza With Everything Except Anchovies (Because They're Gross) Day!

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Those Crabs Are Endangered, You Know

crabs whoops literalism - 7974654464
Created by jasminflower69

Mythbusters v. Dealiest Catch

crabs discovery channel mythbusters failbook - 7434754048
Created by chubtor

Slow Clap, Everybody... No! Not That Kind of "Clap!"

chlamydia crabs the clap - 6518761216
Created by cup0fnoodlez

STD 2.0

crabs pants STD - 5199302400
Created by scaress123

Seafood Restaurant FAIL

crabs failboat innuendo p33n restaurant signs slogan - 5050619392
See all captions Created by Unknown


bathroom crabs failboat gender bender g rated signs women - 4742629632
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