Collection of ridiculous excerpts from court reporters that will make you laugh and cringe at the same time.

Funny Excerpts From Court Reporters That Are Criminally Ridiculous

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court - 85128961

Judge Is Having None Of This Bullshit Parking Ticket

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FAIL embarrassing court facepalm TV Video - 307719

Judge Didn't Even Need to Look at the Pixels to Tell That Was a Fake Document

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rick and morty wtf court parody true story Video - 81720577

Rick and Morty Read a Super NSFW Transcript From a REAL Court Room

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Crime of The Day: Man Responds to Police Summons in Best Way Possible

Response of The Day: New Jersey Man Responds to Police Summons in Best Way Possible
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court crime Video fart - 72352513

Guy Farts in Court

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judge feels court Video - 72424961

Former Middle School Classmates Share Emotional Reunion in the Most Unlikely Place

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Sounds Like a Great Way to Prepare for a Court Date!

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Oooh Fun I Love Contests

benefits court fired firing game laid off quitting - 5282457088

Motion Granted to the Meanie-Pants in the Corner

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Ask a Stupid Question...

lawyer court doctor jokes monday thru friday g rated - 8356619520
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crazy court funny justin bieber - 59136257

Justin Bieber in Court...In a Nutshell

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This is Why the Justice System is Broken

court law Probably bad News news fail nation - 7979327744
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Order in the Court FAIL

costume judge Cookie Monster halloween court - 6727727360
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Can the Dead Be Happy?

bbc court suicide - 6531162368
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Globetrotter Wrestling FAIL

basketball court gifs slam dunk wrestling - 6175922176
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