things non-Americans like about America

Peculiar Things Non-Americans Like About America

There are some upsides.
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hilarious continents wtf lesson country city tv shows reality geography dumb reality tv funny stupid - 107437313

The Love Island Contestant Who Insisted Essex Was A Continent

Prepare to lose some brain cells.
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A collection of tweets that represent what the Midwestern lifestyle is like | WIDWEST Midwest vs Everybody @midwestern_ope OPE Name an extreme Midwest sport corn gets so tall can't see oncoming traffic at intersection

Tweets About That Midwestern Life

A pickle wrap sounds madly intriguing.
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Tumblr thread on places people say don't exist as a joke | Germans have running gag where they pretend town Bielefeld does not exist. Even Angela Merkel talked about meeting she had Bielefeld, she added:.if exists at all Bielefeld has even released statement insisting= their existence, but unknowing. ly published on April 1. memeguy-com Why should Germans be only ones having this kind fun Fellow citizens United States nominate Wyoming abessinier Ladies and gentlemen present Bielefeld Conspiracy

Short Tumblr Thread On Places That Jokingly "Don't Exist"

There are a few. Or none, maybe?
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guy asks for a every country's flag

Guy Asks Every Country For Copy Of Their Flag, Shenanigans Ensue

"Sir, this is a shipyard."
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A collection of funny English place names.

Typical (And Hilarious) English Place Names

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A collection of people sharing what's normal in their countries, and weird to other countries.

People Share What's Normal In Their Countries And Weird In Others

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People share what kinds of things their countries get roasted for on AskReddit.

People Share What Their Countries Get Roasted For

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twitter country roast social media mean tweets Video - 462342

Country Music Stars Get Absolutely Roasted By Fiery Mean Tweets

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twitter country social media ridiculous culture - 6926853

11 People Share Their Number One Rules If They Ran A Small Country

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Country star, Charlie Daniels warns Taco Bell to not insult Illuminati on Twitter and people react.

Charlie Daniels Warns Taco Bell To Not Insult Illuminati On Twitter

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country map john oliver geography - 73811969

Geography Lessons With John Oliver Highlights Places You Think so Little About You Couldn't Find Them on a Map

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Bob Newhart on Country

country - 6297870848
Created by Unknown
country Music Video - 64947201

Postmodern Jukebox Wants Your Bluegrass Anaconda

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The Country Lifestyle of Portland, Maine

country fake - 8277896192
Via FerralWombat

Brad Paisley Deals With Westboro Protesters the Only Way He Can

Westboro Baptist Church Music twitter country - 8210329856
Via Brad Paisley
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