Dad Admits He Regrets Having Children During Marriage Counseling

This dad asked the folks of Reddit whether or not he was in the wrong for admitting during a marriage counseling session, that he regretted having kids. This confession comes with a statement from him, saying that he loved the hell out of them, but in hindsight realized that the whole parenting/marriage situation wasn't for him. To make matters more grim and complicated, his wife proceeded to tell their six-year-old about what he said. Ouch. 

Dad admits that he regrets having children during a marriage counseling session, and asks people on Reddit whether he was a jerk | AITA admitting regret having children. Not hole My wife and are both 42 and marriage counselling after our marriage basically went shit after having kids (6 and 4 year old twins lot issues and disagreements have come up our marriage have driven us apart and have been working through my resentment going back one more baby resulted twins, including one which are pretty
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