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WTF of the Day: Woman Walks Dog Dressed as Abominable Snowman

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This Meeting Shall Come to Order!

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Maybe a Little

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Luigi Always Has to Do the Dirty Work

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Heartwarming Video of the Day: Dad Surprises Sick Son as Spider-Man

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If You Start Trying to Drink Him, You've Had Too Much

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Facebook Coincidences Are the Best Coincidences

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The Midriff Never Bothered Me Anyway

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That Sounds Like a Good Con

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They're Both Just Trying to Do Their Jobs

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The Last of the Halloween Candy is MINE!

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Way Better Than a Stuffed Tiger

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Before and After a Cancer Battle, One Man Has the Perfect Set of Halloween Costumes

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Look, I'm Your Mini Me!

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EVERYONE Went as Elsa This Year

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Wolverine Understands That You Should Have Put a Ring on it

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