TikToker uses Smash or Pass trend to say recruiters use LinkedIn to hire attractive people

TikToker Uses the Viral "Smash or Pass" Trend Jokingly As a Job Recruiter and Sparks Debate in the Comments

Helping the recruiting team review new hires on LinkedIn likeā€¦
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news sports nfl controversial awesome football Video - 2736390

Justin Tucker Kicks Game-Winning, Longest Field Goal In NFL History

Um, delay of game though.
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customer service controversial McDonald's life hacks ridiculous Video tiktok - 2715398

TikToker Ignites Backlash Over Sketchy McDonald's "Hack"

Straight up criminal behavior.
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green bay packers twitter sports nfl controversial commentary football - 2568454

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers Rips Into Packers' Ownership

Aaron let em have it.
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customer service doordash FAIL controversial ridiculous Video - 2538246

Customer Doesn't Leave Tip, TikToker Sabotages Customer's Order

Literally zero chill.
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A Twitter thread argues that strict parenting actually sets kids up for failure later in life.

Twitter Thread: Strict Parenting Sets Kids Up For Failure

Strict parenting can have some serious consequences.
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A newly engaged couple asks the people of Reddit whether or not it's inappropriate to serve Chipotle at the wedding | WIBTA serving Chipotle at my wedding? No -holes here getting maried April, and my fiance and started planning our wedding were shocked by expensive all different components were, especially catering live high cost living area, and cheapest catering quotes were able get were still well over $100 per person inviting 75 people and thought spending $8,000 or more on food is pretty

Engaged Couple Wants To Serve Chipotle At The Wedding

Would Chipotle for everyone really be the end of the world.
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A former English teacher ends up defending a controversial Christmas song. | Andrew Rannells @AndrewRannells don't think any more people need record Baby 's Cold Outside think good there. teachingwithcoffee 's time bring an end Rape Anthem Masquerading As Christmas Carol

Tumblr Post: Former English Teacher Defends Controversial Christmas Song

A ceaseless debate.
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Parents use their trees to block occupancy permits | r/ProRevenge u/PhuckingPhabulous 14h Join 1 8 1 Parents use trees block occupancy permits Obligatory, on mobile. So my parents bought their house early 90s very expensive city. They bought garbage house on block 30 years later 's quintupled price. This is relevant my parents live very upscale suburb said expensive city, think San Francisco, New York city is run by old ladies who don't allow anything. Drive thrus are not permitted suburb

Revenge Of The Week: Parents Use Trees To Block Occupancy Permits

Don't mess with the trees.
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People describe those generally liked characters that they absolutely despise. | learning_to_fly_ 23h Everyone riverdale

Generally Liked Characters People Absolutely Despise

Hot and spicy takes on otherwise loved characters.
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Twitter reactions to PETA's rejected Super Bowl ad | drawing of a squirrel and an arachnid kneeling: tweet by CharlotteDelbo @stbridget77 Replying peta @NFL and @FOXSports Omfg this is tone-deaf af

Twitter Reacts To PETA's Rejected Super Bowl Ad

PETA does it again.
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A collection of Twitter users debate which seat is the best option when taking the subway | tweet by gplatinum_ All my New Yorkers, which is best seat?

Twitter Users Debate The Best Seat On The Subway

It is time to crown the winner.
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AskReddit users share their experiences with seeing couples that realized the kid wasn't the father's | elephantidr 8h My brothers best friend didn't resemble his father while growing up, so he became more and more suspicious father eventually did DNA test my brothers friend 11 or 12) and found out 's not his parents split up with older daughter (16) going with father because she resembled him so he sure about her.

Doctors/Nurses Share Times A Child Wasn't The Father's

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surprising controversial teacher education Video - 100820225

Teacher Tells School Board What's Up

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Guy decides to spend $5K on a surgery for his dog instead of a wedding.

Guy Spends $5K On Surgery For Dog Instead Of Wedding

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Twitter user offers insights into the shady gaming business practices.

Twitter User Offers Insights Into Shady Chinese (Gaming) Business Practices

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