This is How You Make the Universe Implode

contradiction sign paradox - 7947000576
Created by Unknown

This Happens Far Too Often

monday thru friday contradiction job hunt g rated - 8382376448
Via Rybis

Make Up Your Mind

monday thru friday credit card contradiction - 8293030912
Via Izismile

You Have to Go Even Slower When They Stop Working?

monday thru friday sign contradiction road work road signs speed limit g rated - 8292789248
Via TechAlum2006

You're Stuck Here Forever

contradiction exit door monday thru friday sign stuck - 8274877440
Via theCHIVE

Imperfect Advertising

contradiction for sale irony underwear - 8209151232
Via I Heart Chaos

The Sign of Nowhere

sign paradox contradiction - 8009620480
Created by Unknown

This Sign Should Have Collapsed Under the Weight of its Own Paradox Ages Ago

contradiction what sign paradox - 7975321600
Via Bits and Pieces

Contradictory FAIL

facts contradiction troofax reaction true facts - 6752303616
Created by Unknown

Numbers FAIL

numbers contradiction clothing - 6644608512
Created by Lilgurl ( Via Cheezburger iOS Builder )

Faith In Your Product FAIL

apple contradiction irony microsoft - 5816145152
Created by Unknown

Non-Contradictory Directions FAIL

contradiction irony product fail wtf - 5789572352
Created by dubeats

No Parking Except For Always FAIL

cars contradiction instructions paradox parking sign wait what - 5452648960
Created by Unknown

Eat It Quietly In The Bathroom FAIL

contradiction irony school wtf - 5416369152

Paperless Billing FAIL

contradiction irony - 5415879936
Created by Unknown

Room Availability FAIL

contradiction failboat g rated signs stupidity - 5390019072
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