contractor knows rules, refuses to get bullied

Contractor Gets Pushed Around By Middle Manager, Hits Them With "No"

Ya love to see it.
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Coworker gets fired, and then they end up coming back on as the boss.

Coworker Gets Fired For Workplace Complaint, Comes Back As Boss

Now that's how it's done.
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12 reddit text images discussion on transaction between contractor and supplier | thumbnail "r/MaliciousCompliance + Join u/snakepeterman · 1d 2 3 S 4 You want the product shipped Next Day Air no matter the cost? Roger that! "

Irate Contractor Feels Unreasonably Duped By Freight Price After Declining Estimate

Take a seat, buddy
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Guy takes revenge on petty boss by stealing all of his employees. | r/ProRevenge u/Smoe6696 1h Join Don't want return my tools or pay Enjoy losing business This is my repost O r/pettyrevenge might be better suited this subreddit, anyways trade painter worked around 5 years essentially running company an owner who took very hands off approach, he essentially name and working capitol and not much else. After getting an offer work bigger commercial company and my old bosses realization he would

Man Takes Revenge On Boss, Steals All Of His Employees

Boss shouldn't have played it so petty.
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Client sends angry threatening emails to contractor who breaks arm and says they'll turn in project late | Custom unit unfortunately won't be able build Hi unit by 12th Jan have fracture my second favourite arm. There's couple guys do good work can arrange something with if like. Cheers

Contractor Breaks Arm, Client Sends Threats Cause Of Late Project

What a nightmare.
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Stupid owner fires a contractor and has to hire him back.

Incompetent Owner Mistakenly Fires Special Contractor, Comes Crawling Back

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Stupid boss makes contractor go on call and pays huge bill.

Incompetent Boss Insists Special Contractor Be On Call 24/7, Ends Up With $10,000 Invoice

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surprising awesome ridiculous contractor Video - 97491713

79-Year-Old Contractor Uses White Bread To Soldier Pipes

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Oh Yeah, Sure, It's Fine to Cut Up. It's Only the SUPPORT STRUCTURE.

contractor support structure - 6381780992
By LanaZ

Something's Not Quite Right...

bathroom contractor shower wtf - 5696576000
By voiceofchoice

What Is This, a Shower For Ants??

contractor shower - 5636994304
By Justin

This is Why You Shouldn't Hire Me

contractor electricity Professional At Work safety first - 5641911808
By CoJaBo
contractor home improvement Video - 31075841

Measure Once, Cut Twice

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A Banister Never Pays His Debts

contractor Professional At Work - 5469739008
By rebecca schwartz

Thank God The Construction Crew Left That

contractor dual use ladder stairs - 5494000384
By happylewie

Tornadoes Aren't The Best Organizers

contractor laziness storage - 5446818304
By Steven
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