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How Not to Remove a Wall

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This Looks Wonky, But Just Keep Unloading it!

funny fail gif unloading pallet crashes
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Oops, Hello Neighbor!

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Almost Landed It

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Never Mess With The Guy in the Excavator

failbook construction facebook - 8812284416
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Safety First!

FAIL construction classic there I fixed it - 8761294336
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This is Not a Push or Pull Option, Is It?

door FAIL construction concrete - 8757184000
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This In-Wall Heater Needs Some Room to Work

FAIL construction classic - 8793262080
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ADA Compliant

ramp FAIL construction - 8756385792
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Welcome to Hogwards

FAIL stairs construction classic - 8606472960
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It Was an Easy Breezy Window Installation

FAIL construction windows - 8748792320
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Close Enough, Right?

FAIL construction - 8606181888
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The View is a Bit Blocked...

FAIL construction windows - 8606472704
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wtf China construction driving Video - 79585025

It Would Make More Sense if These Fighting Bulldozers Were Actually Transformers

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Underachievers, Literally

FAIL construction classic - 8606182144
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It's a Long Way To Friday Buddy

FAIL construction tire classic - 8607391232
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