things people believe with no evidence

Things People Passionately Believe With Little To No Evidence

We all have a few.
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funny light conspiracy theories

People's Favorite Lighter Conspiracy Theories

It all makes sense now.
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creepy theories about life and reality | Tressel44 13.7k points 6 days ago Humans are scared things mimic them too perfectly theory is developed this because there super predator some sort would mimic us and kill us. But never knew happened

People's Creepiest Theories On The Nature of Reality

What's out there, man?
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Beliefs people have with zero proof | NeighborhoodNerd0 74.5k points 23 hours ago There's travel agency 's been around my town as long as can remember wholeheartedly believe 's front mob.

Things People are Certain of but Have Zero Proof

Sounds legit dude.
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Twitter thread finds stupid spaghetti answer to coronavirus conspiracy theory | William Mullally O @whmullally friend who's fully into covid conspiracies sent this post says Captain America predicted coronavirus outbreak 2011, and while its obviously bs started fixating on circled image on right. lexfuture 2011 film Captain America Eirst Avenger Behind his right shoulder Coa Beer on his left image coronavirus New York City Let sink 1/2 Files Conspiratorium HSBC Sistar Breadway 51 likes lexfuture

Dude Finds Dumb Answer to Dumber Conspiracy Theory

You've gotta respect the investigative skills.
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Tumblr conspiracy theory that Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's son | unstumpabledeplorable Search feelings know be true. Canada prime minister Cuba dictator comparison thread

Tumblr Conspiracy Theorizes Justin Trudeau is Fidel Castro's Son

The key is in the nipples, apparently
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Funny and interesting conspiracy theories | Iblack_dogl 14.7k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago line on laundry detergent measuring cup is higher than needs be.

People's Favorite Conspiracy Theories

There's an alternate, and sometimes stupid, explanation for everything.
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Video of different celebrities claiming Stevie Wonder can see.

Supercut of Celebrities Saying Stevie Wonder Can See

He keeps getting in cars.
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Tumblr explains story of an anti-vaxx mom who realized she was wrong and became a vaccination advocate | Anti-vaxx mom abandons movement after all seven her her kids get whooping cough TOM BOGGIONI 10 APR 2015 AT 16:00 ET Uploaded By PsychoFifi Ottawa Adrian Harewoed Kew Otana mother Tara ila cOC soreenshot funoftheday don't say. | timemachineyeah record, she actually abandoned movement BEFORE they all got whooping cough, but abandoned too late. There'd been breakout measles her area caused her

Tumblr Explains The Time an Anti-Vaxx Mom Switched Sides

Hey, progress is possible.
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Fun conspiracy theories | tweet by tiefling_sorceress 22.2k points 1 day ago edited 1 day ago 32 fashion industry makes too much money purses care about making pockets women easily available

Lighter Conspiracy Theories People Believe Mostly for Fun

From mattress stores to the whereabouts of someone's missing plant.
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conspiracy theories

25 Obscure Conspiracy Theories That People Personally Believe In

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wtf facts that sound like conspiracy theories

19 Well-Known Facts That Sound Like Conspiracy Theories

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facts FAIL conspiracy learning science funny stupid earth planet - 96094721

Flat Earther's Top Prospect Thinks We're Living Inside Of The Earth

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person waters their plants with microwaved water

Anti-Microwave Idiot Gets Absolutely Decimated by Real Science

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conspiracy relatable King of the hill prediction computer Video - 463622

King Of The Hill's, Dale Gribble, Was Right About Computers All Along

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Crazy government conspiracies in the U.S.

25 Crazy Disclosed Government Secrets In The US

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