People's Worst Nightmare Neighbor Conflict Stories

You just never know who you might end up living next to. Moving into a new place is a stressful enough process as it is, but when you factor in the distinct possibility that you could end up living next to a monster who literally makes a mission out of destroying your garden's tomatoes, or being as loud as possible despite your complaints....the stress sweats can start. This AskReddit thread has people sharing the very worst of their nightmare neighbor conflict stories. 

People describe their worst nightmare neighbor conflict tales. | GaryBuseyWithRabies 12h My house is one few has driveway. Everyone else used on street parking few neighbors like park their cars front my house snows so town plows will get front their house plows leave an extra five feet snow front my driveway. They also park directly across my driveway so 's even harder get out.
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