Do Us All a Favor and Wear That Condom at All Times

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This isn't a Real Durex Ad, and That's a Crying Shame

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Rub a Dub Dub, Have Fun in the Tub!

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Where do I Sign Up?

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On the Left, the Present You Need, on the Right the Future You Don't Want

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Please, Don't Let Canadian Pop Happen to You

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Someone is Having Either an Amazing Night or a Terrible One

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Always Be Prepared, That's What Mom Said

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The Season of Giving

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A Friendly Reminder to Wrap it Up

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Are You Sure About That?

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Wrap it Up, Sparky

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Get Realistic, Don Juan

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Some Wisdom About Protection

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If You Don't Buy One of These Products, You might Need the Other

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What a Time to Be Alive

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