Wife it: For Her Pleasure

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Who Would Offer This?

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Behold the Wine Condom

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10 Ways Condom Can't Protect You

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This is Why Dogs Are the Worst/Best

Dating Fail Image grab of a text exchange between two lovers about the dog's poop situation after swallowing and evacuating a condom.
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This is a High-Class Establishment, Dress the Part

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Nobody Wants to be d*ck

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This Woman Knows How to Always be Prepared

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Durex is Making Daft Punk "Get Lucky" Condoms, Because Even Robots Need to Get Some

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This is Sabotage!

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Always Be Prepared, Chaps!

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Some Things Aren't Meant for Facebook

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That'll Show Her I'm Committed!

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Come On, Mom...

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Sex: Not Even Once

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