When you run a small business and fill all your pipes with concrete making home decor

'Our entire floor had to be jackhammered': Small shop's mistake causes huge pipe disaster

A small business owner shared their recent disastrous findings, and people can't believe their eyes! Poor Sienna Studios just wanted to make some cute home decor items. They just didn't think about what might happen with the waste from their product creation until it was already too late.
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wet wtf freeway concrete cars cement mistake Video - 107175425

Cars Stop On Freeway, Get Wet Cemented

There's some concrete evidence for the insurance company.
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concrete truck tips close to van video

Concrete Truck Makes Tight Turn, Almost Crushes Van

There's some concrete evidence.
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concrete worker defies corrupt boss with trucks | r/MaliciousCompliance Posted by u/ExcelCrazy 21 hours ago 2 13 e14 3 20 8 12 2 25 Corrupt manager wants reject crucial supplies do as instructed oc L About couple decades ago used work at concrete production plant reputable construction company. Our company, like several other construction companies, were awarded portion larger project large portion land earmarked setting up temporary office buildings and concrete plants different construction

Concrete Worker Battles Corrupt Manager Following His Own Instructions

This employee is slick.
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Man has close call, barely avoiding falling piece of concrete that smashes car

Concrete Slab Destroys Car, Barely Misses Dude

What a close call.
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cool graffiti of hands holding a smartphone

21 Pieces of Cool Graffiti That Reinvented Urban Environments

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cover image of plants that are growing weirdly

17 Unstoppable Plants Who Won't Take No for an Answer

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bad luck unlucky unfortunate pics

25 Moments That Ensured People Would Have a Bad Day

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Stupid Construction Fails

A Further 30 Completely Stupid Construction Fails

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Sad pics dogs jobs annoying disaster concrete cars funny vandalism - 6609925

16 Unfortunate Circumstances That'll Make You Say "That Sucks"

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Construction Fails

30 More Totally Idiotic Construction Fails

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FAIL urinal stairs construction concrete disabled sink toilet building sidewalk - 4912389

30 Completely Brainless Construction Fails

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This is Not a Push or Pull Option, Is It?

door FAIL construction concrete - 8757184000
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Fresh Concrete FAIL

construction concrete cars police - 6765058304
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Comfortable Concrete

couch concrete - 6873231360
Created by mrmarknz

Why Are We Supposed to Feel Bad For the Concrete?

monday thru friday sign concrete misspelling spelling - 8258546432
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