funny IT work memes

IT Work Memes For The People Who Keep The World Running

It's due for an update.
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basic computer knowledge people didn't understand

The Worst Moments of Basic Technological Illiteracy People Witnessed

It gets bad.
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thumbnail grey background "Posted by u/oldman712 15 hours ago e & 2 13 e20 3 13 e Sorry, I deleted all the files you told me to delete. oC M, Six months later, I get a series of desperate phone calls. New software grad has been unable to build any new prototypes. Old customers are calling to get old prototypes updated, and new software grad has no idea how to do that."

Programmer Ordered To Delete All Company Info After Being Laid Off, Boss Comes Back Begging For Files

Think again
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Guy claims that he builds computers for a living, and then proceeds to completely destroy his cheap name brand computer.

Guy "Builds Computers" For A Living, Completely Destroys Cheap Computer

That's an oops.
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Systems manager loses backups and learns he ordered fewer backups | r/talesfromtechsupport Posted by u/DevilRenegade Wannabe-BOFH 1 day ago 2 2 e 35 do mean told stop backups Long So bit background first used be shift team lead hosted outsourcing company provided our own software on AS400 based systems various financial institutions. Some these companies were very small and only had single box. Some were larger and had pair boxes (usually one serving as live environment and one as test

Angry Systems Manager Learns He Engineered Own Nightmare

The mystery is solved.
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tumblr thread about science and knitting

Tumblr Thread Seamlessly Weaves Knitting And Science

Ha, it's a thread.
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funny memes about computers, IT and tech

Relatable IT Memes For The Technologically Minded

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funny tech support and IT memes

IT Memes For The People Really Holding Up Society As We Know It

Thank you, computer people.
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funny NCIS hacking scene is very inaccurate

When TV Writers Don't Know What Hacking Is

Great work, guys.
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Guy lies on his CV, and then a ridiculous tech support fail ensues.

Guy Lies On CV, Tech Support Fail Ensues

He set himself up for ultimate humbling failure.
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tech support gore, ruined technology and destroyed computers

Harsh Moments of Technological Gore

Oh dear mother of board.
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Tech support explains to coworker that files on her computer can't be opened by another computer

Tech Support Has To Explain What Different Computers Are

It's a learning moment.
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lady buys wired mouse and gets angry at tech support when it isn't wireless

Lady Buys Wired Mouse, Is Angry It Isn't Wireless

It takes all kinds.
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Tech support responds to broken mouse but computer is off | r/talesfromtechsupport Posted by u/Vetusexternus 2@2 3 21 hours ago My mouse is broken Medium This is years ago but is still favorite used work west coast branch an east coast company only tech support my office and started work at 9 east coast tech support handled tickets my office came 5 9 am. Our business based around bunch complex databases and every single employee did their job on computer.

Employee Is Stalled for 4 Hours Over "Broken Mouse"

Holy moly.
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computer advertisement from the 90s

Throwback Thursday: Buying A Computer In 1994

Different times, for sure.
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Computer and tech support fails | samsung smartphone with a nail stuck inside the headphones jack | computer electrical circuit board covered in bright pink goo slime

Nightmarish Moments of Tech Support Gore

Have you tried turning it off and on again?
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