weird compliments

The Strangest Compliments People Received

"Uh, thanks?"
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funny weird compliments

The Weirdest Compliments People Recieved

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AskReddit replies to the most insulting compliments that people have ever received | reddit posted by pat_patrol actually look good emphasis on 'actually' and surprise my friends voice still haunts. pic of two people sitting together.

The Most Insulting Compliments People Have Received

Insulting compliments can leave people very confused.
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The strangest compliments that people have ever received | jo-hn-dea-ux Im like piece furniture, dont do much but notice im not there.

Weirdest Compliments People Received

A piece of furniture, huh?
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Woman claps back against rude guy on dating app with an insult of her own | Damn are stunning but afraid spend more time drinking/partying/on Insta than relationship lol absolutely right, Rob. lol who says cant judge someone based off couple pics haha

Woman Claps Back At Rude Guy On Dating App

You fail, Rob.
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wholesome compliment faith in humanity awesome win - 8171525

Uplifting R/ToastMe Posts Are The Wholesome Opposite Of Roasts

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odd compliment

21 Odd Compliments to Add to Your Wheelhouse

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Backhanded Compliment

compliment flirting dating - 8774109184
Via misscellania

Avocadon't Think You Can Get Outta This One

Via Tumblr

You Know Your Spelling Sucks When...

compliment spelling men vs women - 8464662272
Created by Matt

Smooth Operator, This One

compliment flirting texting - 8408633856
Via Brown Cardigan

That's Quite a Compliment

compliment idiots online dating wtf - 8374414848
Created by alancewicz

That Complimentary Feel

compliment twitter reaction - 8364439552
Via Brown Cardigan

"Don't Say Nice Bewbs Don't Say Nice Bewbs Don't Say Nice Bewbs... CRAP"

compliment lady bits men vs women failbook - 8250372096
Created by bar1scorpio

Well, That's Not Icky

compliment creepy funny online dating wtf - 8227540224
Via Why Sigh Blog

She's a Real Saint, This One

compliment ugly rude - 8120859904
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