weird and crazy stories about employee complaints

Wild Employee Complaints That Turned Out To Be Legit

The professional world isn't that professional.
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dumb customer complaint stories | BOOMkittykitty 1.7k points 20 hours ago used work at pizza place with small| dining room. So many people would complain their pizza too hot eat course is just came out oven. This is why chose drive dumbass here eat instead having delivered. Because 's fresh. Fresh pizza is hot, ffs.

Dumbest Customer Complaints Employees Had to Hear

The customer is always wrong and dumb.
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Ridiculous entitled people and their absurd demands | Hello saw ad foe ps4. 00:48 wonderful currently selling 150 dollars. 00:49 feel like 's bit high, can go down around 50 dollars don't have much money. 00:50 No, sorry. Im pretty firm on my price can't go low, im really sorry. 00:51 Fuck 00:51 Im sorry can go down 130, is fine? 00:51 only went down 20 dollars? Seriously? Im having rough time. 50 dollars. 00:53 Oh, shut fuck up. If having rough don't go looking gaming console. Piss off will if

Entitled People and Their Preposterous Demands

That's some quality nerve.
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Stupid complaints that entitled tourists told to their travel agency | THESE ARE ACTUAL COMPLAINTS RECEIVED BY THOMAS COOK VACATIONS DISSATISFIED CUSTOMERS: 1 They should not allow topless sunbathing on beach very distracting my husband who just wanted relax 2 On my holiday Goa India disgusted find almost every restaurant served curry don't like spicy food 3 went on holiday Spain and had problem with taxi drivers as they were all Spanish

Dumb Complaints Entitled Tourists Had for Their Travel Agency

Yeah man, Spain has Spanish people.
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Twitter users share the things about life that kids can no longer do, and no longer have to do.

Twitter Users Share The Things Kids These Days Can't Do

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The Benefits of Working for a Small, Local Business

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Facebook Is Not Your Customer Support

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The "E" Is Hidden on the Other Side of the Bottle

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