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14 Customers Share Things Waiters Do That They Hate

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Don't Go And Be Like Those Girls

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Guy Complains About Getting Fired for Bullshit Reason on Facebook, Proceeds to Get Rightfully Called Out

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Your Feedback is Important

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Complaining to Corporate on Facebook, Not the Best Idea

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Along With Low Wages and Annoying Coworkers!

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Why is it SO HARD Not to COMPLAIN, GOD

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Still Not Complaining but.... -Feeling Indecisive

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You Can't Please Everyone

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After This Post They Were Sucked Into a Black Hole of Irony

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This Customer Had Expectations!

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Reality-Slap, Right to the Face!

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The Office Complaint Box

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Are These the Feel-Good Vibes You Were Talking About?

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Everybody Has a Stupid Side too

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Yeah, Everybody, Stop Complaining...

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