Kid Goes Nuclear On Dad In Monopoly

Anyone who has ever played a game of Monopoly with their family knows firsthand how wildly competitive those games can end up being. Tempers can flare up and soar through the roof. Tears can be spilt. Grudges can be created. Monopoly is just one of those games that manages to bring out the very worst in people. With that being said, this kid's brutal blow to his dad during their game of Monopoly is the stuff of legends. Don't think dad will be talking to them for a while. 

Kid ends up going nuclear on his dad during a game of Monopoly | r/tifu Join u/SqueakyCleanNoseDown 15h TIFU by using nuclear option game monopoly. M four player family game Monopoly. My brother, our parents and were playing, and wasn't doing well wasn't bankrupt or heavily mortgaged yet, but could tell if something drastic didn't change next 3 turns or so toast didn't have any monopolies, but did have couple 2 out 3 properties (New York and St. James being standouts) and couple scattered here
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