AITA for not clapping when my sister sang in her voice class?

'Everyone clapped for her, except for me': Older sister humiliates younger sibling in front of entire singing class

This story makes an argument for why siblings should never take a class together.
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try to make fake rules against me ? let me play your game my way | ell during weekends and holidays me , my cousins and friends of us will set up a net and play volleyball like we would in a normal game .

'The [two] girls had no idea that I even play': Friendly volleyball game gets turned on its head when newcomers take things too far

There's nothing worse than when someone takes a friendly competition way too far and ruins it by being overly competitive. I say this as someone who used to be toxically over-competitive. I cringe thinking about the nights of family bowling and board games I ruined in my teens with my toxic attitude. But, never fear, there is someone out there who never outgrew this behavior and is in their mid-thirties but still determined to beat their grandmother into the dirt during a family game of Croquet…
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Dude Calls Out Anyone Who Claims to be Able to Speak Backward, Proves Why They are Actually Full of It

Dude Calls Out Anyone Who Claims to be Able to Speak Backwards, Proves Why They are Actually Full of It

It's hard being gifted
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Funny terrier on dog course.

Jack Russell Doofing A Course Is A Nice Break from Reality

He's just glad to be there.
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Reporter uses store bought chili in work cookoff.

Reporter Uses Store-Bought Chili in Office Cook-Off, Beats Frustrated Coworker

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brutal ear pulling competition

Guy Does Color Commentary on Brutal Ear Pulling Championship

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competition wtf speech TV dumb idiots reality tv funny weird stupid rocky - 97969665

Best Exit from a TV Show That the World's Ever Seen

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competition heart FAIL medicine doctor strange surprise medication winning funny weird win shooting - 8414981

Successful Sportsman Realizes He's Accidentally Been Doping the Whole Time

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crazy competition ridiculous dangerous Video skating - 96497665

Bold Skaters Attempting To Grind A 40 Stair Rail

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first lines to novels

31 Award-Winningly Bad First Lines to Novels

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Hades Himself Must've Crafted This Hairy Night Terror That Won the World's Ugliest Dog Competition

Via Chicago Tribune

The Only Thing More Obnoxious Than Vaping, is Competitive Vaping

The Only Thing More Obnoxious Than Vaping, is Competitive Vaping
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Get a Look at the Follicles From This Year's Beard and Mustache Championship Winners

competition beard facial hair mustache g rated win - 8361284352
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competition butterfly Video - 64428545

A Disney Princess Moment Happens in Real Life When a Butterfly Lands on a Flutist's Face During a Competition

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competition Video - 62566913

Competitor of the Day: Kacy Catanzaro Becomes the First Female to Advance to the American Ninja Warrior Finals

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Stiff Competition

monday thru friday competition sign - 8205981184
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