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People Share Their Scandalous Small Town Drama

Small towns. Depending on who you ask, they're dens of community, salt-of-the-earth values, rampant local corruption and terrific squabbles. There can be incomprehensible pettiness, wild pigs loose in the woods, and amazing gossip. People will have screaming matches over a new Starbucks and everyone knows that the mayor's kid is selling whip-its on the side. What a wild time.
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Karen gets called a Karen by everyone after stupid restaurant complaint

Karen Furious For Not Being Seated At Closing Time, Entire Community Rallies Against Her

No sympathy, zero tolerance. Perfection.
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Businesses in town start a lighthearted sign war

Town's Businesses Engage in Widespread Sign War

It's a sign.
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A joke from the TV show Community where they say Beetlejuice three times in three years ans he shows up.

The 3-Year Long Beetlejuice Gag from "Community"

That takes some patience.
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People share stories of their small town's big scandal | pigeon got caught supermarket and made front page local news website with 'live updates'

People Share Their Small Town's Scandal

Where just about anything can make the news.
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cops being cool, cops find a pet pig, police

23 Times Cops Were Criminally Cool

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Twitter Heartwarmingly Pulls Together to Find Specific Dress for Autistic Girl

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Dipsh*t Driver Rats Himself Out For Hit and Run

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Claimed Territory

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It Might As Well Be the Same Thing

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To Fans of "Community" You're Just Drawing a Windmill

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This Is What a Party Looks Like

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This Is How I Got Through College

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The Best Way to Ask Someone Out

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One Strict Community College

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What's On Sunday?

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