A quick Tumblr thread addresses the world's greatest tropes. | inspectorwired Follow movie tropes will never get old thing happens two people exchanging money back fourth wall breaking give up all weapons" and one guy spends entire evening taking his weights worth out his pockets terribly loud crash* meowing/ car sirens heard offscreen alternatively terribly loud crash and one characters going "oops most casual voice "fuck well if insist" nerdgasrnz Follow #alternatively alternatively terribly

Tumblr Thread: The World's Greatest Tropes

Love us some tropes.
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An enlightening Tumblr thread about people who ask vs people who guess.

Enlightening Tumblr Thread On People Who Ask Vs. People Who Guess

Pretty interesting stuff.
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FAIL Awkward commentary baseball ridiculous MLB Video - 107266305

Pitcher Tosses Belt To Ump, Gets Ejected

Definitely hurt his feelings.
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green bay packers twitter sports nfl controversial commentary football - 2568454

Green Bay QB Aaron Rodgers Rips Into Packers' Ownership

Aaron let em have it.
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humor sports commentary baseball ridiculous MLB Video - 107030017

Umpire Fixes His Belt While Ejecting Manager

That's a new one.
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cracked doctor doolittle commentary cinema funny Video - 106840321

That Time A Famous Explorer Bombed Dr. Doolittle

Pretty dang fascinating.
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humor cracked disney star wars commentary ridiculous funny Video - 106630913

4 Star Wars “Legends” Too Hot For Disney+"

Oh boy.
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humor cracked commentary ridiculous funny Video - 106583809

5 (Secretly) Depressing Famous Movies

Sometimes the sadness is kept in secret.
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Ryan Reynolds decides to live tweet his reactions to the "Green Lantern" movie.

Ryan Reynolds Live-Tweets Reactions To "Green Lantern"

Expectedly a whole lot of comedy gold.
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comics commentary superheroes weird Video - 106474497

4 Weird Superhero Tropes Movies Keep Recycling

Seriously though, what gives.
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humor cracked comics commentary funny Video superman - 106414849

4 Superman & Lois Lane Romance Storylines Too Offensive For The CW

Oh boy, here we go.
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humor cracked movies commentary hollywood cinema Video - 106363137

4 Dumb Ways Hollywood Misunderstands Teenagers

Sometimes Hollywood really misses the mark.
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Your Brain On Cracked movie couples that are gross Anakin and Padme Star Wars

4 Film Couples That Are Gross If You Think About It

Spot on.
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fan breaks into super bowl football field

Fan Storms Field During Super Bowl, Announcer Provides Play-By-Play Commentary

Dude really went for it.
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A ridiculously long YouTube ad has like eight different twists | smothermewithaffection Sol got this ad on youtube KUS Cellular 7GB/$49 e oh 's U.S. Cellular, specifically advertising great their streaming service is can even guy ad says, stream hours grass mowing. And go wait minute. sounds weird. why hasn't this ad ended yet?

Tumblr Thread: Long YouTube Ad Has Eight Twists

What a strange trip.
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your brain on cracked masculinity in movies

4 Dumb Ways Modern Movies Portray Masculinity

Hollywood does some silly stuff.
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